The heart of EdLUG is its mailing list - it serves as the main means of communication for members. Membership of the group is pretty much de facto defined by membership of the mailing list, as there is no other way we track association with us.

If you need to get in touch with the maintainer directly, please email

Over time the list has developed its own etiquette, the guidelines of which are reproduced below.

It runs parallel to our Code of Conduct which applies both to the mailing list, and to our meetups, and any events organised under the EdLUG name.

EdLUG Mailing List Guidelines

1 - Please send messages from the address you subscribed with

If your From: address is not on the subscription list, your email will be held and/or bounced by the system.

If you have something you wish to send to the maintainer only, please use

2 - Please be nice, no flame wars

People of all ages read this list. Please don’t send anything you would not want your own children to read.

Please keep primarily to the topics of EdLUG, Linux, Open Source, or digital rights.

3 - I don’t live in Edinburgh, can I still join?

Yes - although this is the Edinburgh Linux Users Group we welcome anyone with an interest in Linux no matter their geographical location.

4 - I’m not a member of EdLUG can I still join the mailing list?

Most certainly - by doing so, you will effectively become a member!

5 - Can I advertize on this list?

In principle no, but…

  • Use common sense
  • If you have some computer equipment you’re giving away in the Edinburgh/Midlothian area then please let the list know.
  • If you would like to give a talk, tutorial, demonstration, BBQ etc. please let us know

Job advertising:

  • As a general rule of thumb if you’re not an agency, send in a cautious plain text short advert. Please prepend the subject with [JOBS].
  • If you are wishing to advertise a job in your capacity as a recruiter, and you are not involved with GNU/Linux per se, then for the moment email them (in plain text) to
  • If you’re looking for a job and you’re a regular member of EdLUG please feel free to remind us that you are available, but keep it short and don’t send your CV to the list - perhaps a link for example.

6 - Do you have an archive?

Yes. There is an archive for the old mailing list up to Q2 2013, at which point we switched to a different mailing list system hosted by If you would like your address removed from our archive, please contact the maintainer.

The current archive is now hosted at

7 - Who runs the list?

Don't got it alone - join UK LUGs

The list is hosted and run from, the general site for UK LUGs.

It is maintained by the current group convenors, listed on the Maintainers page


  • Faye Gibbins, Sep 2nd 2002
  • Jan Goulding, Nov 22nd 2014
  • Tai Kedzierski, Feb 18th 2019